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Red Ginseng Lingzhi Stick

Red ginseng is made from fresh ginseng, after being washed, it will be steamed at high temperature for many days until the amount of water in the ginseng is only about 14% water. Then, the ginseng is dried under natural environment, this time the ginseng will be red or brown yellow, so it is called red ginseng. Thanks to this drying process, red ginseng produces more Ginsenoside substances (produced when the composition of ginseng is decomposed at high temperature) such as: substances that reduce the aging process, compounds that inhibit the growth of cancer cells, substances that prevent the recurrence of metastatic cancer cells and the growth of new cancer cells.
Especially this is pure Red Ginseng and Ganoderma Lucidum.

Effects of red ginseng on health

Red ginseng has many effects on human health. These uses have been scientifically researched and proven to create absolute trust for users.

– Red ginseng works to prevent cancer effectively

Scientific studies have shown that red ginseng contains ginsenosides Rg3, ginsenosides Rh2 help prevent prevention, prevent cancer, support treatment and prevent the growth of cancer cells. According to a research result at the Mayo Clinic Cancer Research Center (USA) with about 340 patients, 60% of breast cancer patients relieved after using Korean red ginseng.

– Red ginseng contains active ingredients that help in fighting depression

Many studies on the anti-depressant effects of red ginseng through the synthesis mechanism of Serotonin – a good sleep endogenous substance and endorphin – hormone that creates a feeling of optimism and love life. Red ginseng helps to improve sleep quality, and is important to bring a pleasant feeling after waking up. Sadness, fatigue will gradually decrease in about 4- 8 weeks of use.

– Anti-aging and fitness enhancement

Studies from the University of Kangwon, Korea have proven that Korean red ginseng contains phenoli compounds and some Ginsenozit Rb, Rb3, Rg1 are capable of destroying free radicals – is the cause of aging. It has the effect of prolonging the lifespan, helping the body to quickly restore physical strength, enhancing the resistance and immune system.Not only that, red ginseng also works to enhance skin elasticity, repel aging Chemical maintains healthy and vibrant skin. Cosmetic lines containing red ginseng will have the effect of reducing dark spots, pigmentation, freckles … preventing the formation of harmful pigments for the skin to brighten the skin naturally.

Support for diabetes treatment

The high content of saponin in Korean Red Ginseng works to help eliminate Alloxan and Streptozotocin, which is the cause of hyperglycemia in the blood. As a result, diabetes can reduce symptoms of dizziness, fatigue, kidney failure …

– Regulating blood pressure: Saponin in red ginseng also works to help prevent atherosclerosis, regulate and stabilize blood pressure.

– Helps develop brain, enhance memory, hearing. Red ginseng helps in calcium supplementation, stimulates brain activity, enhances brain activity, enhances memory recovery. In addition, red ginseng also has the ability to protect hearing loss and cell necrosis.

– Enhance blood circulation: The effect of red ginseng is to increase the amount of red blood cells to support recovery when anemia, helping blood circulation. Helps blood vessels open and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, and blood pressure.

– Protect and detoxify the liver: Red ginseng brings effective effects on hepatitis, cirrhosis, fatty liver. Jaundice, diabetes, high blood pressure, bladder inflammation, constipation … It also enhances the function of digestive organs, and treats jaundice. Especially effective for people who drink often.

Effects on reproductive health

Red ginseng works to reduce cramps during menstruation. Using red ginseng during menopause improves the production of estrogen in the body. Helps increase sex drive in women. In addition, ginseng is also used to treat a number of ailments in men such as erectile dysfunction.


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