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Red Ginseng Candy Jelly

Helps to relax, refresh mentally, bring a sense of well-being …
Helps reduce stress and fight fatigue.
Renal positive kidney, strengthen the cardiovascular system, help prevent and reduce diseases.
Helps to fragrance, xylitol strengthens teeth.

Ingredients of red ginseng candy
Pure sugar
Syrup corn
Red Ginseng Extract (0.4%)
Flavoring red ginseng
Caramel colorant
Powder Coating
Flavor (Red Ginseng & Herbs)
Flowering substance
L-Mint Oil
Subjects use red ginseng candy
Red ginseng candy can be used for all ages.
Instructions for using red ginseng candy
Every day, using vitamin red ginseng candy from 4 to 5 tablets, can be suckled or eaten directly.
The sugar content in ginseng candies is not high, and there is xylitol that accounts for more than 50% of the sweetener, so you can eat a little more ginseng without causing diabetes or tooth decay like other regular candies.


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