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Red Ginseng Ampoule Gawol

Red ginseng tube medicine is used to whiten the skin and help tighten the face.

What are the natural ingredients in red ginseng extract?

Completely extracted 100% from natural herbs with the essence of premium 6-year-old red ginseng, 15% herbal ingredients, 10% cordyceps, 10% phoenix Ganoderma and 5% extract from other herbal antler velvet … Red Ginseng is considered one of the wonderful skin beauty effects. Each ingredient in Red Ginseng has its own characteristics and uses, but is highly appreciated in the beauty process

So how does red ginseng help to beautify the skin?

Using red ginseng extract helps to bring you smooth skin

+ With the content of vitamin C in red ginseng will have the effect of participating in energy metabolism, enhancing the body’s immunity against all pathogens for the body.

+ Skin care is an important issue for most women, so with the use of Korean red ginseng will help eliminate all skin problems, create smoothness. With the content of main ingredients from Saponin in red ginseng, it will create elasticity to keep skin bright.

+ Not only helps regenerate youthful skin, but red ginseng also provides other precious amino acids such as B1, B2, Rh2, Rg3 … very good for preventing middle-aged diseases such as atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, liver and kidney failure due to excessive alcohol consumption.

Confident with radiant beauty when using Korean red ginseng

+ Content of ginsenoside in fermented Red Ginseng such as Rg3, Rg5, RK1, Rg2 … will work to increase anti-wrinkle effect, effectively whiten skin and reduce toxic effects from weak external factors.

+ Prevent body aging, increase hormones to help treat women more attractive in the eyes of the husband.

With regular use of red ginseng extract, women will be surprised by having a rosy skin, fresh snags, no problems with pimples, wrinkles or freckles, giving a more confident life. radiantly beautiful. Red ginseng skin beauty smart method for female beauty.


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