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Concentrated Extract Black Ginseng Stick

Korean black ginseng, is a 6-year-old Korean black ginseng root through many stages of steaming and drying, from fresh 6-year-old ginseng roots.

Black ginseng has many very good effects on health, due to the active ingredient Ginsenoside and many outstanding nutrients in the roots.
According to claims from research experts, Korean black ginseng is confirmed to be a product of a breakthrough scientific work to promote all the potentials of Korean ginseng for human health.

Ingredients of Black Ginseng:
Saponin Ro: Has the effect of detoxifying alcohol, detoxifying the liver, restoring liver function, preventing liver diseases such as hepatitis, fatty liver, cirrhosis, …
Saponin Rb1: Protect the liver, increase the body’s stamina, soothe pain and stress thanks to a mechanism that inhibits the essential nervous system.
Saponin Rb2: Prevention and support for diabetes treatment, lowering blood sugar. Helps promote absorption of liver cells.
Saponin Rc: Promotes protein synthesis performance, relieves pain.
Saponin Rd: Enhance the activity of the adrenal cortex. Enhancing physiological function for men, effective in cases of physiological weakness, impotence, …
Saponin Re: Stimulates the working speed of myeloid cells.
Saponin Rf: Ability to soothe pain in brain cells.
Saponin Rg1: Increase concentration of brain, fight fatigue and force.
Saponin Rg2: Prevents blood platelet adhesion, promotes recovery and enhances memory.
Saponin Rg3: Inhibits the growth and invasion of cancer cells, protects the liver.
Saponin Rh1: Prevent tumors, anti-platelet adhesion in the blood.
Saponin Rh2: Inhibits the growth of cancer cells, limits the growth of tumor cells.

With great benefits for health:
Black ginseng is an excellent food in helping to improve resistance, improve overall health, strengthen the natural immune system to help the body stay healthy and alert.
Support for cancer treatment: Black ginseng also works to reduce the symptoms of metastatic cancer, reduce the harmful effects of diseases of the stomach, diabetes, blood pressure, …
Reducing the aging process: For women, dark ginseng is also a product to maintain youth and beauty. Women use black ginseng as an effective beauty method.


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