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  • Bamboo Salt Candy


    Bamboo salt candy is used to clear the bronchi.

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  • Black Ginseng Candy

    Korean Black Ginseng Candy has Korean black ginseng extract, aromatic aroma. Korean black ginseng candies help spirit refreshment, alertness and focus at work.

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  • Lemon Ginger Candy

    Honey Lemon Honey is a combination of the light sweetness of sugar and the pungent flavor of fresh ginger. The candy is effective to keep warm in winter or reduce the feeling of motion sickness.

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  • Red Ginseng Candy Jelly

    Helps to relax, refresh mentally, bring a sense of well-being …
    Helps reduce stress and fight fatigue.
    Renal positive kidney, strengthen the cardiovascular system, help prevent and reduce diseases.
    Helps to fragrance, xylitol strengthens teeth.

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  • Red Ginseng Drink Gold

    As one of the most popular herbs in the world, Korean ginseng has been used as a valuable remedy for decades to improve health and treat illnesses.

    Today, Nhan Sam becomes a product that represents a specialty, high-class agricultural products of the world.

    100% extract from Red Ginseng Essence.

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  • Red Ginseng Lingzhi Tea

    This red ginseng is extracted together with mushrooms to create a new flavor for ginseng.

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  • Red Ginseng Root Jujubes

    Ginseng water is a drink that helps to cool down and cool down the body in the hot season immediately. Ginseng water is cooked from plants that are food – medicinal so it is completely non-toxic. Modern science also proves that these plants have heat, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties.

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  • Red Ginseng Sugar Free Candy Metal Box

    Among the products processed from Korean ginseng essence, ginseng candy is a product that is both convenient, easy to use, has many good health benefits and is suitable for many different users. Because the nature of Korean ginseng contains rare values, ginseng candies created from the purification of the essence of 6-year-old Korean ginseng have made this product popular. of the vast majority of consumers.
    This ginseng candy is completely sugar-free and absolutely safe for people with diabetes.

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  • Red Ginseng Throat Candy Metal Box

    Ginseng candy can help relieve a sore throat & clear your bronchi.

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