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  • Concentrated Extract Black Ginseng Stick

    Korean black ginseng, is a 6-year-old Korean black ginseng root through many stages of steaming and drying, from fresh 6-year-old ginseng roots.

    Black ginseng has many very good effects on health, due to the active ingredient Ginsenoside and many outstanding nutrients in the roots.
    According to claims from research experts, Korean black ginseng is confirmed to be a product of a breakthrough scientific work to promote all the potentials of Korean ginseng for human health.

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  • Red Ginseng Capsule 365

    Korean red ginseng tablets are preparations from 6 years old Korean ginseng, like red ginseng, red ginseng juice, and ginseng tablets bring many positive effects on health. This product is suitable for those who are afraid of the bitter taste of red ginseng. The product is convenient and convenient to carry, also suitable for office workers who do not have much time.

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  • Red Ginseng Honeyed Root 10

    Red ginseng is considered a drug that enhances human health and vitality and is used many years ago.
    Especially this is the type of red ginseng soaked with pure honey.

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  • Red Ginseng Jel Fermented

    Red ginseng is considered a drug that enhances human health and vitality and is used many years ago.
    Ginseng root is used as a natural remedy in supplement form. The tree must grow for five years before being used. This usually means that the high quality ginseng comes at a premium. The dried, unprocessed tuber is called white ginseng. The tubers that have been steamed and dried are called red ginseng.
    Especially this red ginseng is a pure type extracted 100% from red ginseng.

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  • Red Ginseng Lingzhi Stick

    Red ginseng is made from fresh ginseng, after being washed, it will be steamed at high temperature for many days until the amount of water in the ginseng is only about 14% water. Then, the ginseng is dried under natural environment, this time the ginseng will be red or brown yellow, so it is called red ginseng. Thanks to this drying process, red ginseng produces more Ginsenoside substances (produced when the composition of ginseng is decomposed at high temperature) such as: substances that reduce the aging process, compounds that inhibit the growth of cancer cells, substances that prevent the recurrence of metastatic cancer cells and the growth of new cancer cells.
    Especially this is pure Red Ginseng and Ganoderma Lucidum.

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